Murfreesboro Desis
Posted By:   Shiva S on Date : 2011-07-18 | Topic Viewed : 701 Times
Does anyone live in Murfreesboro? We moved a few months back and we had a baby 4 months so we never got a chance to know desi peeps around the area. Would love to know some though. 


Reply By: Mahavir V 2012-01-22
Hi Can someone help me finding an 2bedroom/2bath apartment. My office is in Murfreesboro, I dont have a car and wish to use a public transport. I am looking for one near to Indian Grocery Store. Any help will be appreciated.


Reply By: Gopi s 2011-09-13
hi mail me at

Reply By: Shiva S 2011-08-01
Hey Nilesh,
We met Ankit and Sunaina last weekend and definitely we can get together sometime. I'll get your number from Ankit or you can email me itsshanks at gmail dot com. Ankit told me that you're also from Dhanbad, right?

Reply By: Nilesh K 2011-07-30
Hi Shiva. I came to know about this post .So wanted to confirm if you are the one who spoke to Ankit and Sunaina. I have also recently shifted to Nashville and currently staying in Hermitage. If you wish we can meet accordingly.

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